In The Circle

Catalog# DEN-A4-4168
Composer Cedric Dent
Arranger Cedric Dent








“In the Circle” was commissioned from Cedric Dent by the Jazz Education Network (JEN) in 2021 and is inspired by the concept of circle singing. This original composition (level 3.5-4) is a fun a cappella tune with an R&B feel. It incorporates a jazz scat solo (for high or low voice), an egg shaker to complement the driving groove, and a breakdown with beatboxing. For added fun, have the singers form a complete circle during the breakdown to simulate actual “circle singing,” and then return to their normal positions after the breakdown!

Demo & video by MTSU Singers (Cedric Dent, director)

Range: Sop up to Ab5, Alto down to Ab3. Tenor up to Ab4, Bass down to G2.

Includes: full a cappella score including notated beatbox part.