Invisible Touch

Catalog# MFM-L3-4066
Composer Banks / Collins / Rutherford
Arranger Matt Falker









Any Genesis fans out there? This chart takes some of the original version, some of the live version, blended into a contemporary jazz feel and harmonization. The verses are in a straight-8th feel, while the chorus is set in a songo feel – but still recognizable and your audience will be able to sing along! Features a soloist or two (alto/tenor range mostly) and a three-chord open section for your players or scatters. Using a conservative vocal range and a fun rhythm section, this chart sounds a lot harder than it actually is!

Vocal range: Guys C3 – E4, Ladies G3 – Db5. Included: vocal score, piano part, bass part, drum part, vocal solo score.

Demo performed by Matfal Music Demo Choir. View YouTube video of performance at the Long Beach Vocal Jazz Academy


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