Ginny Carr Goldberg

Ginny Carr Goldberg is the leader/founder, musical director, alto voice, and principal songwriter/arranger for the internationally acclaimed Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet (UVJQ). She has emerged as a composer, lyricist and vocal arranger of distinction, especially for her signature compositions on UVJQ’s 2012 CD, “Hustlin’ for a Gig.” Press, radio, and celebrity artists have praised Ginny’s work as a standout for its creative originality and have described her delightfully literate lyrics, elegant melodies, and tight vocal harmony arrangements as “vocalese at its best” and “old school moving to new cool.” Inspired by the great Broadway songwriters who merged intelligent lyrics with beautiful melodies and by the masters of vocalese and vocal harmony who ingeniously told stories while preserving the harmonic tapestry and swingin’ cadence of an instrumental jazz ensemble, Ginny has combined her loves of those great art forms into a fresh new songbook that she hopes will reawaken ears to the artistic glory that peaked in an earlier era, when the wit of a clever lyric united with the spirited elegance of multiple voices swinging together with the harmonic pop and precision of a horn section.

Ginny has performed for over 30 years as a pianist, singer, and featured entertainer at D.C. area establishments and private receptions and has entertained many notable guests, including Supreme Court Justices, foreign leaders and ambassadors, state governors, members of Congress, and other prominent figures.

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