Catalog# GCA-H3-4162
Composer Ginny Carr Goldberg
Arranger Ginny Carr Goldberg





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Composed / arranged by Ginny Carr Goldberg, as sung by Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet.

This is a beautiful ballad in 3/4 that ties together the many meanings of Christmas through the lens of a gentle “whisper,” culminating in a simple declaration of love on Christmas Eve. The song begins with a hushed a cappella introduction, gradually adding instrumental tiers under the voices: first a flowing piano accompaniment, and eventually a full rhythm section as the song builds. Close, lush 4-part vocal harmonies throughout are interspersed with 2-part harmony, unison, bell-tone and counterpoint moments to add interest to the vocal texture while retaining simple voice leading throughout. Includes a gorgeous piano solo break at the song’s midpoint.

Range: Sop up to C5, alto down to A3. Tenor up to E4, bass down to F2 (can work with bass only down to G2).

Includes the vocal score, notated piano part, notated bass part (combined rhythm), and drum part. Difficulty level 3.

Optional backing track can be purchased to be used for rehearsal or performance purposes.