Hearts Take Time

Catalog# ECK-L3-4201
Composer Janis Ian / Rhonda Fleming
Arranger Rosana Eckert






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Originally performed by Diane Schuur on the album “Talkin’ Bout You”, acclaimed arranger Rosana Eckert has set this tune in a buoyant Afro-Cuban feel, moving into swing and providing ample opportunity for both lyric solos and improvised solos, as well as an optional choir soli for an extra challenge. The lyric speaks to the time it takes to move on from a relationship or a bad experience.

SSAB Range: Sop up to E5, alto down to F3, bass part has the range of about one octave: up to C#4 and down to C3. SSATB chart is in the same key as the SSAB. Part tracks available for the SSAB version (could be created for the SSATB version on request).

Live video by the 2023 Long Beach Vocal Jazz Academy Mass Choir (Christine Guter, director)

Includes the vocal score, combined vocal/piano score, master rhythm/guitar part, notated piano part, notated bass part, and drum part.