Sailing Home

Catalog# LTO-A3-4178
Composer Peter Eldridge, Rosana Eckert
Arranger Liz Townsend

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Composed by Rosana Eckert and Peter Eldridge for Eckert’s 2019 album Sailing Home, the title track is a contemporary take on the 32-bar form. This arrangement was written by Liz Townsend for GCII at Western Michigan University and features a solo vocalist at the beginning and has an open improvisation section for vocalists and instrumentalists.

SATB Range: Sop up to Db5, alto down to Ab3. Tenor up to F#4, bass down to Bb2.

SSAB chart is the same version as the SATB, re-voiced to the appropriate clefs. SSAA is slightly re-voiced, but is in the same key as the others.

Includes the vocal score, master rhythm / guitar part, notated piano part, notated bass part, drum part, and full score. Difficulty level 3; the short soli section is a little harder than an average Level 3 chart.