Liz Townsend

Liz Townsend is a vocalist, voice instructor, and arranger in Kalamazoo, MI. She holds a Master of Music degree in jazz performance from Western Michigan University (WMU) where she directed GCII and performed in world-renowned vocal jazz ensemble Gold Company. She is the founding director of VJE, the high school vocal jazz ensemble at Jazz and Creative Institute. With four years of public school teaching experience, she directed the choirs at Mattawan Middle School. She has been invited to guest clinic high school choirs across the state of Michigan.

In her teaching and performing, she is a devoted advocate for vocal health and has studied Estill Voice Training and completed all three levels of Somatic VoiceworkTM – The LoVetri Method. She also holds a Bachelor of Music degree in choral music education from WMU where she studied classical voice and performed in Gold Company and GCII.

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