Catalog# LTO-B3-4226
Composer Kathleen Hollingsworth
Arranger Liz Townsend









Kathleen Hollingsworth is an incredible vocalist and composer. This soaring arrangement of her beautiful lyric was written by Liz Townsend for GCII at Western Michigan University. The piece sits in a gentle 6/8 feel, starting with an alto solo, and featuring an open section with fairly simple chords to improvise over. The vocal soli provides a little extra challenge, but sits in a singable range throughout, with a big build to the end with some high soprano notes.

SATB Range: Sop up to Bb5, alto down to G3. Tenor up to F#4, bass down to Eb3.

SSAB chart is the same version as the SATB, re-voiced to the appropriate clefs. Includes the vocal score, master rhythm / guitar part, notated piano part, notated bass part, drum part, and full score.